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The Brolga Dance

The brolga dance animation is an example of a technique called Rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over footage, frame by frame, for use in live-action and animated films. The brolga dance was commissioned by Beyond Empathy and used as back projection during a dance piece performed at the Festival of the Brave in Armidale, 2014. The dance was choreographed by Michael Leslie and performed by Carmel Vale.

I wish I had told you!

This animation is one of the artistic outcomes of a community art project which ran through 2016-17 in Armidale in NSW. “Private Posts” was funded by the Australia Council and invited the whole community to create a postcard beginning with the prompt “I wish I had told you …” The postcard text and images was used to create an exciting animated community story. The original postcards are a beautiful collage of many individual reflections. There are glimpses of deeply personal stories, insights into long-held regrets or lost love, some dreams and fantasy

Catharsis Installation Projection

Catharsis was an interactive community art installation that allowed the participants a chance to shred their negative thoughts and contribute to the creation of a positive community art work.

Catharsis was a community art project created in partnership between Project pARTners and Beyond Empathy. The project ran 2015 in the regional NSW City of Armidale.


The brief was to use stop frame cameras to capture the process of pasting images and words in Armidale’s central mall.

Beyond Empathy artist, Raphaela Rosella had worked with girls and young women in Armidale schools and community – sharing a conversation about what it means to be brave, beautiful and strong.

Albert Played Sax

Albert is a cockroach who, despite spending much of his time avoiding humans wielding cans of insect spray, eventually finds true love through his music. Tonight he is playing his sax at an all night roach party. Just in the nick of time Albert escapes the fumigator deadly spray by disappearing down a plug hole into the nasty sewer world below. With a new enthusiasm for life, Albert’s Sax playing improves and so does his love life. In the midst of the roaches feasting on a pile of dirty dishes the deadly peril strikes again. This time outwitted by Albert’s quick thinking new found love, who reduces the human to an unconscious pile. The roaches live to party another day.
TECHNIQUE : The style is a loose pastel and wet paint technique on paper. I worked directly under a 16 mm camera on a home made animation stand . Using a video camera I also captured directly into a Apple computer running Adobe Premier. This allowed me to make better informed creative decisions. I was able to edit the sections together, lay the sound effects and music as the film progressed. I think having control over the whole process was important to make the film work.