I currently facilitate a Thursday night printmaking class at the New England Regional Art Museum. We cover a range of techniques within the relief and intaglio spectrum. Beginners start by learning the reduction lino technique. The range of techniques and experience within the group can allow the beginner a quick insight into the creative potential of printmaking. Please like the Black Gully Printmakers Facebook page!

Art workshops can be focused on various outcomes. Exposure to art and ideas, developing skills, increasing environmental awareness, social change, engaging the disengaged. The important thing however is that they are fun and an immersive experience. I have been able to work with a variety of groups and ages from University of the Third Age, Universities, TAFE, High Schools and Art Gallery holiday workshops.

It is hard to remember all the ideas over the years but I will list a few. Claymation, Puppets, Paper mache fruit, Murals, Surrealism for children, Stencils, Drawing, Printmaking, Painting portraits, Tie dyeing, Transformers (reassemble old toy parts to make a new toy) Sculpture with recycled material, Bug drawings, Clay and more.