jon ponders in studio
Jonathon is a multidisciplinary artist and designer living and working in Armidale.

After majoring in film at the Queensland College of Art, he has spent numerous decades working in the creative industries as a visual artist, film maker, animator and designer. He created in the mid nineties with a view to work creatively in the new evolving digital realm. Though the focus was on website development, the mix also included graphic design, illustration, corporate id, cartooning, 3d animation and video. Throughout this period he continued to pursue a fine art practice by exhibiting prints, paintings and hand drawn animation. He even won a few awards.

More recently he has worked in Regional Galleries (New England Regional Art Museum), University (Online Learning Designer) and in the Community Arts sectors, while still continuing to create and teach art with a focus on printmaking.

He has always believed creativity can have trans-formative experience at the individual level which can translate community wide. Besides, what else would you do?